About us

Learn more about EVChargeking & our team!


EVchargeking is a Belgian manufacturer of charging cables and now also producing smart chargers for electric cars. Colruyt,who recently transferred all its energy-related investments (including EVChargeking) to the Virya holding company, invested a substantial amount in 2021

EVChargeking has been providing quality solutions for charging electric vehicles since 2014, with a dedicated range for Tesla vehicles. They use high-quality electric cable from European origin for their products and produce almost everything locally in Belgium, allowing for maximum quality.

In 2020, work began on the ETAPpro charger. All their effort was bundled into what EVChargeking thinks the perfect electric charger should look like. By the end of 2023, the ETAPpro charger is ready for launch!

The Team:

EVChargeking is the company of Erwin Raets. Erwin started assembling and selling charging cables in 2014. He is a no-nonsense guy who values customer service very highly and really goes to great lengths for a satisfied customer. Just look at the google rating of EVChargeking: 4.9 out of 5. Not bad right?

In 2021, in cooporation with professional partners, he started the development of the ETAPpro. Our partners are reputable: the app was developed by Wisemen, the reference for app development in Belgium. Our electronic designs get praise from our manufacturers because they have not often seen something so “clean” 😉 . Engineering and production are all made in Belgium!

In 2023 Bart Van Winkel joined the company as CEO. Bart is an experienced manager and together they are initiating the marketing of the ETAPpro.