A visionary charger combining the best of both worlds.

  • Fixed wall mount with detachable mobile charger. Compatible with a wide range of adaptors.
  • Manage and monitor your charger using a state of the art app.
  • Future proof hardware design for upcoming functionalities with automatic over the air updates.

A visionary charger combining the best of both worlds for…both worlds

The best of both worlds: Charge from a fixed wallmount at high speed or detach the mobile core unit and take it with you

….For both worlds:

  • The installer likes the ease of installation, simple setup & 24/48 hr service. The end customer prefers it for it’s ability to really save on energy cost & CO2
  • Business owners like it for its simple split billing solution, while its mobile use allows the charger to stay with the car at all times. They also like the flexibility of a mobile charger that can be turned into a fixed one and vice versa.

Key features

Load balancing and load sharing

Charger adjusts charging current depending on household consumption and available remaining power. Load sharing distributes the
available power across all chargers.

Peak shaving / Capacity tariff

Adjust the charging current depending on
the capacity tariff.


Solar charging: 100% of the generated solar energy is used instead of delivering excess energy back to the grid.

Scheduling & reporting

Program your charger in a way it only charges when power costs are low. Look up summary & details of charging sessions.

OCPP compatible / RFID reader

Have your charger managed by a Charge Point Operator (CPO) and have your split billing handled by them.

WIFI, Bluetooth, Powerline and SIM

All internal hardware is present to communicate with any device in the future.

GPS & Anti-theft

Automatic location of the charger. Anti-theft function can be activated through the app.*

Customizable cable lengths

Any custom length available upon request. Car side connector can be equipped with the Tesla button.

* Free software update in 2024


Easy installation

Just mount the bracket to the wall, connect the electric power lines, slide in the ETAPpro charger and you’re done!

  • Very easy installation of wallbracket, no ethernet cable.

  • Just slide the charger in the wallbracket and start charging.

  • Simple app setup.

  • Load balancing with a dongle plugged into electric meter (P1).

  • Bad or no WiFi reception solved with built-in PowerLine Communication or with a SIM-card* .

  • In case of charging station problems, we can send a replacement charger within 24 hours straight to the end customer.

The ETAPpro App gives you control

Your ETAPpro charger communicates through the cloud with your phone. This means you have control & overview of your charger anywhere, anytime!

A Tough charger

The ETAPpro is an extremely rugged charger with IP67 rating. This means the charger is fully water resistant. The mechanical impact protection level means you can run over the device with your car without breaking it.


Mobile use

Unplug your ETAPpro from the wall mount and use the adapter cable of your choice. This way you can take advantage of all the ETAPpro features when you charge elsewhere. ETAPpro adapts the power settings according to the adapter used automatically.

Wall charger mobile

ETAPpro portal

Track the data from your ETAPpro in our web based portal. Fleet owners can manage their chargers and consult reports in pdf or csv and enter their own kWh costs.

Wall charger mobile
Wall charger mobile
ETAPpro flyer

Need for more information?

Download our brochure to discover the complete specifications of the ETAPpro and learn more about current and future features.


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